As if you stepped into a secret garden where time stands still, this simple, yet elegant park is a hidden gem for the soul.

My favorite quote by L. Boyle, «Paradise isn’t a place. It’s a feeling», best describes this majestic place. The open sky above lets you breathe, and the simple landscape architecture allows your soul to linger piecefully.

Originally, the Villa of Oskar Reinhart (1885-1965), an artcollector, is now a Swiss federal museum in Winterthur, Switzerland. Pierre-August Renoir, Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and Paul Cézanne, are just a few of the artists in his collection. The charming Café am Römerholz , the Museum and the majestic park are open to the public, and they are my personal recommendation if you love historic locations.

The café not only organises events, such as weddings, celebrations or Sunday Brunch, but they also offer Romantic Picnics under the trees. The park with its hidden treasures, such as sculptures, murals and lush greenery, make this a magnificent location for Wedding Portraits.

So, whether you come here to see art, take a Sunday afternoon stroll or just enjoy a delicious coffee, enjoy your time in this tranquil bijoux.

To me … it is heaven!

With Love, Monika