Paradise isn’t a place . It’s a feeling. ~ L . Boyer

We spend so much money on seemingly perfect vacations. Travelling to far-away places as a gratification for leading an otherwise hectic lifestyle.

And yes, those places are magical and we will surely have wonderful memories for years to come.

But, what happens when we return, getting back into the rat-race called life? Those vacation feelings quickly fading away, making space for the everyday struggle. Happiness disappears together with all those mobile phone images, stored among hundreds of screenshots on our phones. Only to be searched for, when we want to show them off at the office, to colleagues who are either jealous or coudn’t care less about our memories.

And so the years go by and we are living from vacation to vacation. Before we know it another ten years have passed and we are wondering what they were significant for. What have we achieved in that time, what was memorable? How have we, as people, evolved? Have we actually made a difference in this world? Or would it be just as good/bad without us?

Before we all get into trouble answering these questions, I suggest we change our thoughts altogether. Let’s think about this quote again. A little deeper this time.


Understanding what it really means. … What it means for YOU.

I have made a conscious choice to feel paradise everyday! No matter, where I am, I want to see the beauty of this wonderful world and feel the warmth of the people I love and cherish. I have found my own paradise. Right here inside me.

May you find yours, too!

P. S.: I needed some time to take care of myself, so this months desktop calendar is getting to you a little late. But I hope it reminds you to seek paradise everyday! Enjoy and share. (Klick on the image to open it in a new window. Then save the calendar to your own computer and set is as you desktop background. As always for personal use only. Thank You!)

With Lots of Love,