Styling exquisite props and products is a fabulous way to use your creativity and have a wealth of photographs for your portfolio, business, website or social media. Paying attention to color harmonies, composition and design takes a good eye for detail.

I had the great pleasure of attending Type A Society’s stylist Carrie Moe’s masterclass on Color Theory, Composition & Design 101 at the Hybrid Co. conference.

As with all kinds of design, photography styling requires you to achieve a delicate balance of all the elements. Consider light and leading lines that guide your eyes through the styled scene and the final image.

When styling, pay special attention to the following things:

  • the space you have available
  • the light source
  • the backdrops
  • the props and their specific pattern and texture
  • shapes, sizes and proportions
  • symmetry and asymmetry
  • the overall color theme
  • and negative space

Only when all of these components are well balanced, will your styling be harmonious and your images stunning.