No matter how many shades of grey there are in your life, always look for some splashes of color in it.

Colors evoke different emotions and memories. Take time to see and feel colors in your every-day life.

Which are the colors that make you feel happy? Do you like strong colors or pastels? Are there any colors that remind you of some childhood memories? Such as a candy wrapping paper, a wolly hat or christmas ornaments.

Or how about being more courageous with colorful clothing, just to break all the shades of grey.

This month’s desktop calendar is a reminder to find color every day.

Please, download and cherish it. Click the image below. The calendar will open in a new window. You can then save it to your own computer and add it to your homescreen. Enjoy and share with anyone who could use some color in their lives. (For personal use only.) Thank you!