Nature never ceases to amaze me and to provide the tranquility I need to escape this hectic, modern world. The endless nuances of green shades, the scents of a thousand pretty flowers, and the textures from soft to rough, feel exciting to all my senses.

I invite you, too, to meander through a pretty park, an endless meadow or a deep green forest, to clear your mind and recharge your senses.

  • stop at every plant if you feel inspired
  • use all your senses
  • see all the colors
  • listen to nature’s sounds
  • watch humming bees
  • hear the birds
  • touch leaves and feel their textures
  • smell the flowers
  • lie down in the grass
  • relax your body and muscles
  • watch the sky
  • close your eyes

Breathe. Let go of your thoughts. Really BE in that moment. Not in the past, not in the future. Just in THAT moment.

Enjoy and feel alive!

Photography: Monika Payer

Location: Schlosspark Andelfingen, Switzerland