Sometimes you are lonely but you’re never alone!

Dear friend, keep that in mind when you are struggling with life’s difficult moments. You are never alone!

At this time of year, we are all feeling the melancholy of the darker days, and our troubles seem a lot heavier than at other times of the year.

Not sure, whether I’m giving this piece advice to you or to myself, but try to hold on to that dream, wish or hope that has been on your mind. Give it just another try. Who knows, maybe it will be worth it.

Another one of my quirks (one that sometimes drives my family wild) is to always look for the best light. Obvious, for a photographer, you might say. And yes, that is important for beautiful images.

However, I follow this rule even in my everyday life. Going to a café means, that it takes me several minutes to decide where the best window light is and thus, which table to sit at, so I can actually fell comfortable and enjoy my coffee.

You don’t have to go all that crazy, but try to look for light every day. See it, compare it at different times of day. Indoors or outdoors. Look for the shadows it creates or just simply feel the warmth of it on your skin like a warm blanket.

It is what will get you through these darker days, not just in nature but in matters of the soul as well. And if there’s not much light outside, find people who shine from within and be with them as much as you can. And you will see, you are never alone!

A bit late, but may the November desktop calendar bring some light to you. Please, download and cherish it. Click the image below. The calendar will open in a new window. You can then save it to your own computer and add it to your homescreen. Enjoy and share with anyone who could use some light in their lives. (For personal use only.) Thank you!

As always, with love,